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Merry Christmas to All of you

I will stop posting for the rest of this week as right now is a holiday session and resume posting on next Monday 28 Dec 2009. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Happy Merry Christmas and enjoy your wonderful holiday with your loved one. Thanks

Backlink generator works for me

Last few days, I was sick and not able to post any article. Today, getting batter and I’m start to post what ever that I can. During last few days, I was trying some new tool called “Backlink Generator” where it just a tools that helping us to create the backlink on those High PR […]

Ebay the fast way to earn money from net

A lot of us were saying selling things in Ebay cannot earn money, who said so? I have saw a lot of people that starting to move into this too where they deal with local vendor to perform the drop ship for them and they start to sell things on ebay. For those who want […]


Anyone managed to get their website listed into If is yes, congratulation. Is very hard to get it listed there. 🙂 Why we need to get it listed? Simple, because of it traffic as well as backinks. Here are some guideline before you are ready to apply for the approval. 1) You need to […]

Google Cash Sniper, coolest tools for Internet Markerting from Chris X.

Good news, more and more tools available now for us as Internet marketer. Chris X has recently launched called “Google Cash Sniper” which allow us to pull the coolest tools for us to perform the following: 1) Keywords research to find the profitable products to sell online and earn money from there. 2) Contents pulling, […]

Learning on how to get free traffic for FREE! Now!

I will be giving away a free Training on how to pull traffic to our website for free which I will show you step by step using all the free resources like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and etc. Sounds cool, please fill in the opt-in form and I will send the Free training for you. […]

Video and audio will be the next Era for Blogging

Do you notice that most of the Blogger are now using Video and Audio too? Too me, yes! I saw more and more blogger using that. For example, Alvin Phang is using Audio and Yaro too is using the same. I’m trying to use that too, do you notice that I’m using some free services […]

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