Ebay the fast way to earn money from net

A lot of us were saying selling things in Ebay cannot earn money, who said so? I have saw a lot of people that starting to move into this too where they deal with local vendor to perform the drop ship for them and they start to sell things on ebay.

For those who want to see result fast, then I would said Ebay is the only way. There are some factors that you need to consider:

1) A lot of Admin work where you need to spend some time to deal with your customer like telling your bank info and etc

2) Deal with vendor to perform the drop ship for you and how much you going to give them. all these can be included into your profit too

3) You need to spend sometime to pack and send the stuffs to courierr service company and there might take up a lot of your time too

4) You might need to upfront come out with some amount for money to buy the product and keep in the drop ship company

5) Slow and it might not see result in one or two days

If you are ok with that, then Ebay will be your cup or tea.

Happy Learning.

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