Why DMOZ.org?

Anyone managed to get their website listed into DMOZ.org? If is yes, congratulation. Is very hard to get it listed there. 🙂

Why we need to get it listed? Simple, because of it traffic as well as backinks. Here are some guideline before you are ready to apply for the approval.

1) You need to have your website ready with proper header, footer, privacy notes, contact us and sitemap.

2) Need your have at least 50 pages of the contents

3) Do not contained any broken link

4) Cut down you Ads inside your site to prevent your site looks very commercial

5) Ensure that there are no spelling error

6) At least having 50 visitors per day

Once your have those in place, then you can start to apply to get your site listing in DMOZ.org.

The chances that you get listed will be very high. Keep trying until you can get it. The reason is you can get a lot of backlinks and traffic from this site, is worth a try. 🙂

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