3rd sales from CB – Well Done.

I getting more and more excited where I’ve finally get my second sales from CB. I guess by writing review about people product still can be one of the ways to earn money from affiliate program. In facts, this is the only product that I’m promoting since March till now. Imagine, all I did was just a review and I did nothing, no promotion, no advertising and no pushing it for anything. Writing my own experience about the product and then post it using my blog, the sales are keep coming. Amazing right? Worth to try it, all the affiliates out there.

Conclusion was, writing review and have our own blog are essential for Internet marketing. 🙂

Since is working now, I guess I will continue to drive this with more and more product review. All I need to do is, writing a mail to the owner and ask for free sample, writing your review after used it and post it into your blog. Basically, you are done. Keep doing this for the rest of it. 🙂

Other than your review, you can also post Youtube video about that product too into your review as well, that makes it from Search Engine friendly. Remember, Search Engine likes Web 2.0 components. All these are free tools, why not use it. 🙂 Make sense?

I guess this is something good to share with you guys out there….take action now. Don’t wait, setup your blog and start to writing review today.


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