Amazing Amazon Blogging software

Recently I have bought this software called “ReviewAzon” wordpress plugin which is an amazing product which will help you to pull a build a very professional look review page. It can be done in less than 10min. What it does was using your keyword that you want to looking for, pull the feed from Amazon, select the stuffs that you want to promote and start building the contents. You also have an option to include the Yuotube video to make your page even more professional.

For those who really want to make good money from Amazon using WordPress blog, I’m highly recommended this product will eventually will help you a lot in preparing the page.

In terms of how’s the screen looks like, please refer to the pic attached.

Screen Caption of ReviewAzon Output
Screen Caption of ReviewAzon Output

You just need to purchase this plugin and install in the wp-contents/plugin. Activate the plugin and that’s where your journey started. 🙂 Enjoy Blogging.

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