Can contents site really can make money?

Today, I saw a forum post where this user starting to use Adsense since November last year. When she starting, she start with USD4 and until today, her income for Adsense is USD4500 per month at least. All the member starting to ask her questions like how she make it? What tools that she used? How many websites that she owned? and etc.

Her answers were simple:
1) She was started with one page website at first and she started to aware that one page with a lot of backlinks will not work for Adsense and she converted to at least 200 pages for one website with simple tools like NVU or MS Front Page.

2) She was using SEO to promote her sites with a lot of backlinks to her site

3) She is now own about 60 Website, 10 of the websites can earn USD 1 per site, 4 of the websites can earn USD 10 per site every single day and the rest of the site has no fix income. Total up with USD 4500 per month starting with USD 4 per month.

As you can see, live example where she still survived just using contents page. All you need is traffic and bring it to your sites, that’s what you need. One thing to note was, if you are going for this model, please bear in mind that you need to have at least 20 to 30 sites in order to see the result. I have went through a lot of articles were mentioned the same. On top of that, you really need to do some keyword research in order to make sure you have the good niche for your site.

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