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Chitika is something that worth a try if you have a lot of US incoming Traffic, the amount that they paid is 1.5 times higher that Google Adsense limited to certain keywords if you compare with Adsense. Other than that, the referral program also very good and they willing to pay 10% total of the referral earn to you if you have successfully referred to them.

Not only that, we as a publisher also entitle to refer advertiser to them which will allow you to earn as high as USD100.00 of any spend in their ads campaign.

To find out more with regards to Chitika, please click the below links for more details:

Chitika Referral Program – Must have Program

My advise is, if your source traffic is coming from US then you must spend some effort to run this program rather than Adsense. Sincerely, I have seen some result and even more faster if you compare with Adsense. If you don’t have any traffic from US, then this might not be your cup of tea.

How to check whether you have traffic from US or not, simply just install Google Analytics into your site and start monitoring from there. Just follow the step by step guide provided by Google and you should be able to install this fantestics tools.

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