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Good News for the the newbie of the blogger which want to become a full time blogger in the shortest time frame – Blog Class Room course will be the course that you are looking for. Is a really steps by steps program that allow newbie to kick started. I have reviewed this course and I’m really impress about the Yanik effort where he put all together for newbie to pick up the skill set in the shortest time frame.

Basically the course will be covered:
1) Where to find the host, subscribe and activate them

2) Where to find the domain, buy them and how to activate them too

3) How to install and activate wordpress

4) How to perform FTP (File Transfer Program). Transfer files from your computer to hosting company

5) How to install plugin (from basic to essential for a blog to survive)

6) How to choose the themes and change what ever is applicable to you, like header and footer. Where to find the free graphic so that you can change it and install it into your blog.

7) How to install autoresponse form into your blog, it could be Aweber or Autoresponse

8) How to write your first blog, format your post, insert a link into your blog, how to insert a picture to your post and many many more.

9) Once you have your post posted, then how do you promote them and many many more using the free method

10) How to pull free traffic

And a lot more, is really worth to invest. Entire End to End process, I took nearly 1 year to master all where I need to go to forum and asking a lot of question from expert in order to build up this skill set. But right now, you can have all in one with USD497 where you can learn it at your free time. All will be deliver using videos, you can watch again and again till you know how to do it.

All, really worth to invest. Even for myself, I also learn a lot from this program too.

Take note of Blog Classroom 2 will be launched soon.

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