How to run a CPA program

I’ve noticed that more and more Internet Marketers are moving from old conventional way to this called Click per action. This is more profitable if you compare with what we have done so far, like clickbank and etc. Recently, Mike Filsaime also launched called Affiliate Jumpstart which is fully concentrated on CPA program. You can see, the Leader from IM also slowly moving to CPA, think about it?

Time to learn what is CPA, you will find it more profitable and easy to deal with. It very similar to PPC but more profitable. Go to google and try your best to pick up CPA skill, now still new and you still can earn money from there.

Before you start, think of preparing either a contents site or blog, so that you can use it to apply the program. Every CPA program works in very same way, which they will call you to verify you are a real person before they approve your application. Be prepare to get this call if you start to apply CPA affiliate program.

It works very similar to Adsense, as long as your click or action is genuine and your will get the money. Im also strat to learn that, not really see the result yet. Will share with you guys once I have the result. Targeted to have at least USD100.00 per day. That’s my target. 🙂

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