Is Website really a must for An Internet Marketer?

How many of Internet marketer outside has official website? Do you know the answer? The answer is vary and I believe that less than 50% of the Internet Marketer don’t have the official website. In facts, as an Internet Marketer need to have an official website in order to get better price when setting up the Adwords. Google Search engine doesn’t like purely affiliate marketer that only concentrate on marketing product via landing page. If you are in this model, you will be charged on higher cost when you setup the Adwords in Google.

So, what is the right model? The right model will be at least you got to have website and sitemap to model your internet business before you even setup any landing page to sell any product. Off course, the website is not for visitor but is for Google Spider to visit, each time when you setup the Adwords, Google Spider will went into the landing page deciding the rating of the ads. In order to get good rating and cheap rate of the Advertisement, we need to have our website and sitemap ready. When Google spider went into our landing page, the spider will go to our top level of our website before it even determine the cost per click of our Ads. When it found out that we have a website and sitemap, it will think that is just an ordinary site rather than just a landing page that trying to sell something on the net. If the spider found out you just having landing page with any website, you definitely going to get higher rate if compare to a person that with website and sitemap. The conclusion is a Website and sitemap is a must of an Internet Marketer. If you could have a Blog site there will be much better.

Sincerely, you don’t need to have a lot of contents inside your site and blog, just 4 to 5 pages of web pages and 4 to 5 blog post, that will be sufficient. If you are really seriously running an internet marketing business, Website and sitemap are required.

Key notes for Affiliate Internet Business Flow:
1) Identify the area that you want – eg. Internet Marketing
2) Setup website
3) Setup Sitemap
4) Setup Blog
5) Creating web pages and post blog
6) Finding products that you want to sell from Clickbank
7) Create Landing Page
8) Setup Adwords
9) Posting in Forum
10) continue 6 to 9 again and again for the next product


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