Review site still very effective way to promote affiliate program

Recently I did a survey on one of the forum talking about how effective to use review site to promote affiliate program, guess what was the feedback? Out of 20 feedback, I have 18 positive feedback where they still agreed review site still the most effective ways to promote affiliate program as well as capture leads.

Ideally, just using your landing page as your review page where it can be present like below:
1) Find 2 or 3 similar products, prepare them in table form, list them down in terms of products features, what is the good thing and bad thing about the products, the most important with rating. At last, write a few sentences about your view. This is very important for user to take as a guideline to buy the product. Remember, this is the only time you can build your reputation to your leads, if they trust your review and it would be much more easier to promote anything to them in future.

2) The second method will be a fully review page where your put your own feeling, experience about this product, if possible get some testimonial from other forum, pros and cons about the product and at last with rating. Most important, the review page must with positive and negative comments.

There are a lot of ways and means to collect the facts, pros and cons about the product that you want to promote. The one I like to most is go to forums and start a posting with regards to the product and get feedback from the people that have bought the product. So far, this is the most efficient and cheapest way of doing this. 🙂

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