Twitter Online System VS Twitter Traffic Machine? Which one do I really need to increase my follower?

Hey my friend, do you all aware that more and more Internet Guru come out with the product that related to Twitter? The answer is YES, within these 2 months and I have saw 2 to 3 products that related to Twitter, which are Twitter Traffic Machine by Bill Crosby and Traffic Online System by Alvin Phang. Hmm, which one do I really need is my main question.

Sincerely, both products are very similar which they will covered:
1) How to setup Twitter
2) How to use autoresponse
3) How to get follower (following and followers as well)
4) How to find targeted followers (where your niche was)
5) How to manage followers
6) How to get auto contents to post into your 140 characters message
7) How to perform marketing

The only different that I can see was Alvin is using some sort of system but Bill is using totally free tools that in the market.

Both products are also USD27, think what you really want. My advise is if you want to really understand how the entire process work using all the free tools, you should go to Twitter Traffic Machine and if you don’t have much time to spend, go for Twitter Online System.

I did learn a lot from both of them and I’m now able to run a campaign just purely based on Twitter and earn money from there. 🙂 Thanks

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