Ways to check backlink?

Do you all aware that our pagerank is determine that how many backlinks that we have links to other site? The more backlinks you have, the higher pagerank you are in. I was thinking how and where to know how many backlinks that we are currently have, but no luck till yesterday night where I accidentally check one site called www.alexa.com. This site is full of stats with any of our site, as long as you enter your URL and process get info, all your site stats will be displayed.

One of the stats was number of backlinks that you have. Interesting, right? This info is very useful for you to increase your pagerank and make it more visible to Search Engine. All you need to do are as below:

1) Finding something similar site with what you have, enter the URL and click on get info

2) The info with regards to the website will be displayed.

3) Look for “Sites Linking in”, click on the number and all the backlinks will be displayed

4) If you want to increase your pagerank, all you need to do it check out each of them and if the site that you are visiting is a forum or any open directory, put your link over there, by doing that your pagerank will be increasing. All these are very time consuming, enter bit by bit on daily basis and you will see your pagerank increasing in one or two months time.

I have tried there and I do find is workable, my site from nothing till I have a pagerank of 2. Worth to try this out if you want to make your site more visible to Search Engine. The most important thing is this method is Free.

Happy Learning.

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