What are the best way to promote any CPA Program?

Recently I have started to promote CPA program and I found out the it really similar to any other affiliate program too, which are:
1) Landing Page – You still need a landing page for your visitor to landing into the page and the entire process will start from here.

2) Good Email Template – Found out that most of the CPA Program will come with a good email campaign for you as an Affiliate to use. For this method, you need to have a list in order to start with this as well as you need to follow certain guideline which CPA has provided.

3) PPC / Adwords – Once your landing page is ready, then you need to drive traffic to your landing page and promote the product from there. But you doing this, you need to calculate your profit against the ads that you need to spend.

4) Free Gift – The best way still promoting with free gift. Tell me, who in this world doesn’t like free gift? If you doing this, you need to calculate the profit against the gift value and make sure that you are covered with all these calculation. On top of that, you need to prepare a small notes to tell your lead how to claims the gift in your landing page.

These are the small tips that I have found so far. Hope this is useful to you all. Thanks

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