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What is CPA?

Anyone heard before CPA? Is actually stay for Click per action, this is also another affiliate program that getting famous now where it allow us to promote on our website where if any of our visitor click on the banner or URL, they will be landing to a page asking them to perform some action of work like filling up form, enter some email address and etc. If they have completed the action, then we as an affiliate will get paid. Simple? Yes, is that simple. and are 2 of them, which very well known as CPA affiliate program. Do take note that some of the application might take time where they will ask you a lot of questions before they approve your application. Once you get the application, then you are ready to earn the money.

The only problem to this CPA is they are required some level of experience to promote them. During the application process, they will ask a lot of question on how you promote them, what source of traffic that you use and etc. If you are going for this path, please have the following before you apply any of CPA program:

1) Website / Blog ready
2) Certain number of visitor per day eg. 30 to 50 visitor per day.
3) Basic understand on how to pull traffic.
4) Full with at least 5 to 10 articles.
5) Prefer with .com website or blog.

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