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Today, I have just signed up to promote this “Mega Red Packet”, at the moment you signed up and you are entitled to enter to the contest to get one of the three give away copy. So don’t wait any more, come to my Internet marketing dot com to get the link and sign up now. You don’t need any single dime to sign up and grab this chance. Who knows, you might the one of three.

Basically, these product was came out by Vince Tan, Edmund Loh and Stephen Luc. Let me roughly tell you about their background but not Stephen which is still new to me.

Vince Tan is a World Internet Summit speaker and the same man who pulled off the Biggest Firesale event in Year 2008 which broke the 6 figure record in just 3 days and then brought in $170,000 in only 10 days.

If you use Private Label Rights products often for your Internet Business then I suppose Edmund Loh doesn’t need an introduction; he’s the person behind more than 260 Private Label Rights titles under the PLRGold brand. Just late last year, he teamed up with expert video maker Stephen Luc to pull off a product launch called PLRGold: Videos and raked in $100,000 in 10 days too. Collectively, the dynamic trio has made more than a million dollars in sales.

So what is Mega Red Packet all about? Curious to know more? Continue to read or listen.

Basically, they are something like a system that able to help experience Internet marketer or newbie to get started to rolling the money without any website as well as list, Mega Red Packet is focused on this core of success: product plus traffic equal to residual income.

The entire package are focus on the following area:
1) Products
2) Websites
3) Traffic

At the same time, Edmund and Stephen also launching the new home study course mainly focus one Web Traffic, to me at the stage, I just aware that it is very important to build traffic before you see single dime. Good idea, the team think of that too, where they still teach you how to pull traffic. If any of you need that, this will be a good idea.

Key Notes:
1) Ready made system that are ready to go for newbies which is not all the marketer are going for it now. Since 3 of them are coming out with this system, I think is good to try.

2) Products, contents of Website and Traffic are well covered in this product. So far, I hardly see any of these type product before but this is the trend.

For newbie that want to see result immediately, I would said go for it now since the are just launched this. Grab the chance now.

At last, please visit the my blog if you want this product. Thanks

Mega Red Packet Business Model
Mega Red Packet Business Model

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