Type of publishing companies for Webmaster

Thinking of ultiliaze your site to make more money? If yes, today I’m going to share this information out so that you can have an ideas how many type of publishing company that we can apply for and earn a living from putting ads into our site.

Below are some of the publishing companies that I know off for your to take as a references:
1) Adsense – own by Google and so far the best publishing company that I would highly recommended. A lot of rules and regulations you need to follow, else your earning will be canceled by this company without any justification. As long as they found out that you are not following there rules, you account can be removed overnight.

2) Infolinks – much more easy company with adsense. In facts, I have start to see result from this site as well. I would said this program is very good for begineer and much faster you can see the result.

3) Chitika – very good for you if you have a lot of traffic coming from US. This company ads only for US region, if your site is targeted for US region only, then this is the program for you.

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