Why there is no traffic to our website / Blog?

What is the reason behind why no traffic to our site?
What is the reason behind why no traffic to our site?

Do you ever think of this why no traffic to our site? I believe yes. Simple, there are few aspects:

1) Contents – No contents. Your contents didn’t get updated from time to time and causing no visitor to your site. As the owner of the site, your responsibility is to get your site updated as frequent as possible so that visitor want to come back to see what have you updated. Just like a magazine, if the contents is not good, will you buy? Simple as that.

2) No freebie to offer from time to time. Visitor is also a human being where they like freebies. So from time to time, please offer freebie like free report. Buy any PLR Report and offer as a gift to your visitor.

3) No one know your website is exist. This is the most common mistake where webmaster don’t do, create the website and leave it there. No publication at all to your site. You got to let people know your new site so that people can come to your site. There are so many ways and means doing this.

4) Don’t know how – this is another common error where a lot of newbie don’t what to do next. The process will be once you get the site ready then next is to tell people your site is up and running so that people will come to your site and visit it. Either setup a PPC or offline advertising will be good enough to pull immediately traffic to your site. But again, more of the newbie don’t have the budget to promote their site. So got to utilizes free resources, there are so many free resources there will help you on this.

Details on how to get traffic, please visit free training course at http://www.askfaithson.com/webtraffic, this course will teach you how to pull traffic for free.

If you are interested, just go to there and register. Enjoy your learning.

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  1. My question is, why so much traffic to my sites… I’m getting a lot of hits on sites that have little content, haven’t been updated in awhile and haven’t had any advertising.

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