5 Easy Ways to pull FREE traffic into your blog

As for now, a lot off people might already know how to setup and writing blog on regular basis but the problem right now a lot of newbies got is how to get traffic traffic and traffic. Today, Im going to share this with you all…..

1) Keeping posting your new blog on bi-daily basis, this will attract Search engine come to you site to grab your new contents. Trust me, my site was non-exist till today in top 30 if you search for “Internet marketing tutorial”, you will see the result very fast. Amazing result by just trying this approach.

2) Actively participate in forum, this an another free way to getting traffic to your blog. Go to Google and type in Forum, a lot of related to your niche forum will be displayed, go and register one by one and start to talk into forum for first one week and do not start to post any new thread until 2nd week. After that, start to post something interesting question like “Do you believe in free traffic by just using forum?”, sure you will get a lot of reponse and from there you will start to see traffic too. Ops, I nearly forgot to tell you all, remember to put in your signature and below the signature, remember to put in your Blog URL. This will allow the reader tense to enter to your website and that’s the free traffic. 🙂

3) Start actively participate in other blog by give comments after reading some other poeple blog. Remember, you need to seriously reading people blog and give your best comments. Usually, the comments will come into a form where it will allow you to key in your name, email, URL and comments. Remember, when you key in the URL, always start with “http://your url”. Don’t know where to find blog, go to Google or yahoo, key in the “your area” blog, like Internet newbie blog. From there, start your comments on daily basis, post at least 10 comments per day.

4) Using Twitter, if you are using WordPress find a plugin called “Twitme”. Once you installed, go Twitter, look for Application –> Widgets, from there you will guide you to create a code and copy and paste the code into your blog sidebar via Admin control panel. Once your are done, each time when you created a new post, it will automatically send to twitter.

5) If you have a list of email, send it to them and tell them you have just created an article and asking them to visit and giving the comments if there feel is useful.

Well you can see, there are a lot of ways and means to pull traffic without a single dime. On daily basic, spend at least 1 hours to participate on Blog comments and forum. You will then see the result immediately. 🙂

Start pulling your traffic today….:) Enjoy

2 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to pull FREE traffic into your blog

  1. Hi, good post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be coming back to your site.

  2. Thanks for great information. I have a new blog and was looking for ways to drive traffic to it. You have provided great information surely I shall work according to it and hopefully everything will be fine.

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