Google Analytics Seminar in Kuala Lumpur on this coming Thursday (11 Mar 2010)

Anyone planning to attend this seminar? I think is good to attend this seminar if you have plan to involve yourself in Internet marketing. Google will release more insider information on how to use analytics.

I believe you guys have been looking for a details understanding on how to analyst the Analytics data. By doing that, you will able to drill down more details on where and how the visitor coming to our site.

In the seminar, Google will show us by using the Analytics data, they will be able to tell us what is the problem with this site and what actions need to be done in order to save this site. They will also show us the live example on how to save the site.

The most important thing is this seminar is Free and all you need is just attend this valuable seminar and your will be able to have a better understanding of what is Google Analytcis.

Just register and don’t wait anymore. Enjoy.

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