IM TIPS:LIST Building is a MUST for IM (Internet Marketing)

TIPS:LIST Building is a MUST for IM (Internet Marketing)
TIPS:LIST Building is a MUST for IM (Internet Marketing)

The KEY success to Internet Business is the LIST, the more you have the more Money you will be. Just imagine:

Assuming we are promoting a product cost USD50 (50% commission will be given to you)
Assuming you have 5000 subscribers
Assuming 5% of 5000 subscriber is buying from you, which is 25 persons
Total sales will be USD1250 (USD50X 25pax)
Your Total Commission will be USD750

One campaign, you can earn USD750 (by just sending one email), what if you have 5 products that want to promote and your income will be USD750 x 5 = USD3750 (for one week work), and if for one month will be USD3750 x 4weeks = USD15000. (Good Money, isn’t it)

For the above example, you can see how important how’s your LIST is, the more subscriber you have, the higher your return will be. So do concentrate to build up your list before you are ready to sell anything. To me, ideally you need to have at least 1000 subscribers in order to see some good return.

Let me touch on how to get the subscriber. First of all, you need to have opt-in form in your website and you can offer the following to get the leads, which are:
1) Offer valuable Newsletter
2) Offer free reports or free software
3) Offer free audio (MP3 Report)
4) Offer free video Training
5) Offer free course (related to Internet marketing)
6) Get valuable opinion for your reader (survey)

Sure, a lot of us will ask?? Where can I get the contents, free report, free training and etc. The answer is using Freelancer or buy some PLR contents or ebook that you think is within your budget. To me, any budget in between USD10 to USD100 will be reasonable. Think about, this USD100 will help you to earn, is USD15000, So, what is this USD100 for??? Make sense?

Once you have the lead, take the lead promote and promote again and again. There where the residual income is coming. When you are in this stage, you will be an Auto Response system to help you do run this business. Ideally either or will be a good one.

This is the sharing for today. Hope it will being up your attention. Enjoy to build your LIST today.

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