Introduction – Internert Marketing Process Overview For Newbie

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Hi, This is my first learning video where I teach what is internet marketing is all about in very high level. At this video, you will learn 11 small processes that grouping up as Internet Marketing as a whole.

At first, you need to have a GOAL –> Blog / Website –> Ideas –> Domain Name –> Hosti–> Setup –>Products –> Contents –> Promote –> Follow up.

All I will give a very high level of each process as well as explaining what is all process mean so that the new internet marketer know what is the expectation on each stage.

Please watch this introduction video and it will help you to grab an overview of Internet Marketing is.

I want to apologize on my bad command of English inside this video as this is my first time preparing this. Give me sometime and I believe I can do it better.

Enjoy your video. Thanks

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