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I’m doing this Internet Marketing for more than 5 years. All these while, I’m doing this on very very part time basis and not very consistent as well. After one or two months, I didn’t see any result and I gave up easily. On and off I come back again and again. I’ve tried so many things, like Google Adsense, Affiliate program with CJ as well ad Clickbank and so many others but nothing is successful.


Affiliate Program – Google Adsense

Tell you, I’ve gave up. On my way to close all related affiliate account, I was accidentally login into my Adsense Account, I FINALLY saw my account with some income although is not a lot BUT at least some dollar in the account that keep me moving. 🙂 I was telling myself, for the passed 6 months, I was doing nothing and yet I’m still able to earn some dollar, why not I give myself another chance to do it seriously and see what is the outcome that I can get.


Affiliate Program – Clickbank Affiliate program

Therefore, Im back for the business since Jan 2009 and doing this very part time basis that fully doing affiliate program on my website and sharing this with my contact on weekly basis, doing some Adwords advertising as well as some bulk email sending with the contact that I have. Unbelievable, till today I finally see my Clickbank Account with 2 sales and Im earning USD50 in 3 months time. Wow, that was amazing, right ?

Finally See the Result of Internet Marketing

Mar 2009, I’m doing this very seriously and I want to archive at least USD1000 per month on year 2009. I will sharing and teaching Internet marketing newbies with what I have learning in Video Tutorial form, basically from how to find the niche market till you setup a website. I want to help as many people as possible to gain the same income with me from Internet as little money as possible.

Do visit my blog from time to time basis to learn some new tips and methods to promote your site.

Below are some of the products and message that I would like to share with my reader:

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