3 Common ways to get started in Internet marketing

Until today, I believe that there are still a lot of people still not sure what are the ways that can earn a living from Internet. Well, is pretty simple where you need to perform the following only:

1) Selling product for ther people, “Online virtual sales person” – Selling other people and you earn some portion from there, usually usally other will pay you some amount of money if you manage to sell some product for the owner. Very popular method for now and it will be a good starting point where you can see the result almost immediately.

2) Putting Ads into our side, any visitor that coming to our site that click on it we will get the money. This is also another way that very good for beginner. Common company for this will be Adsense, infolinks, value click and many many more.

3) Last will be create your own product and sell it online. Regardless you own your site or you sell it on Ebay, this will be the best way as you keep 100% of the profit. But if you are going for this way, bare in mind that you need to have certain years of experience in Internet Marketing before you can do this.

This is something that in very high level for newbie to have a certain level of understanding. Thanks

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