4 most unwanted Atomic Blogging 3.o Features still can earn USD 132K in One Week?

Recently when I accidentally entered to this blog site called www.gathersuccess.com, I was attracted by the USD97 blogger handbook. Without any further delay, I entered my email and I get the download link to download the handbook. When I start to ready, I found out that is a lot of interesting answer which I have since I started to blog. Wah, finally I get most of my answers. Thanks to Alvin Phang.
I was started to curious to know about his latest product called “AtomicBlogging 3.0” which is an updated version of 2.0 which he has launched 1 year back. From a lot of blogger, this product was fanatics as and able to bring you to the next level of the popularity in blog ranking, why they said so? At the end, I decided to try myself on this product. I went to the website shopping cart and purchased it.
Immediate, I started to download the package included some PDF file, PLR package, training video and etc. Domain name is the next thing that I went to purchase, I’m using www.myimjourney.com (My internet marketing journey) as my URL which I wanted to blog down my Internet marketing journey to share with my reader on “how to” series on Internet marketing with Video Tutorials.
Starting to upload the themes that Alvin has design to my hosting and I starting to tell myself, “Are you invested correctly, dude?” There are some many unwanted features been build into it, such as:
1)    Footer – that with his trademark in?
•    Comments: You are selling this to your customer and why you want to put in your trademark there? Wasting my time to perform the reconfiguration
2)    Keep promoting on his product? A lot of the product images were there in default?
•    Promised, this was the worse theme that I have ever seen. All over the place, you can see his product image, keep promoting and promoting and at the end, you need some time to perform the reconfiguration as well. Is really wasted my time to perform this.
3)    Claimed to be configurable in most of the features? Is this a true statement? I guess not. I have been struggler with these more than 3 days. Viewing the training video again and again, figuring out I have missing. Trying here and there and I was heading to nowhere. Luckily, I was from IT and I knew a little bit of technical area, decided to upgrade the WordPress to the latest version and my problem finally resolved.
•    Wasted so long in order to resolve the issues. Tell you, I’m almost wanted to return the product and I was holding this back since I’m able to resolve it. Pity those non technical customers; don’t know how long they want to struggled with this problem.
4)    Variables that claimed to be configurable which is not true, so many things that I have updated with my own id and some of them can’t do so? I need to manually change the hard way through coding. I was trying this again and again too until I get it done. My god, this is really terrible which I was really unsatisfied with his product.

At the end, I finally went through the all the hassle and get my blog up and running. That’s the fun part came and I start to understand why this product is worth to buy or invest. Within 3 days, I start to see a lot of traffic coming to my website and I able to listed top 100 in Goggle search for “Internet marketing tutorial”. The result was so unbelievable which normally this will took at least 1 or 2 weeks to having this ranking, the most amazing thing was I did not perform any site submission to Google or Yahoo. All I did was keep writing my blog and post it to my blog. Right now, I want to say “Alvin, good job”, keep it up.  Hope to see you have the new product soon. Thanks and I really appreciated your hard work with such a good product.

If you guys want to see how Atomic Blogging layout looks like, go to site that I mentioned above.

6 thoughts on “4 most unwanted Atomic Blogging 3.o Features still can earn USD 132K in One Week?

  1. I tried this as well, it works for me. I like it so much as my ranking in Google moving up within 50. Alvin, thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Very interesting point of view. I am obsessed with all kinds of IM products so naturally I had to have this. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much out of it as you did. Possibly because I have had a few successful blogs already.

    It’s like you said at the end Faithson: “All I did was keep writing my blog and post it to my blog”

    That’s the “secret” of a successful blog 🙂

    I did enjoy the Atomic Blogging plugin however. Saves me a lot of work. Wish it had more sites though.

    As for your question on my latest blog. It’s something called phpbay. You can find it here: http://www.phpbay.com/

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Faithson,

    Interesting post about Atomic Blogging. I recently purchased it as well for $29US from John Chow’s link and it did have quite a lot of useful tips. Though a majority of them were already out in the market from free eBooks and if you are seriously interested in getting some good advice, check out Yaro’s Blog Profit’s Blueprint at his website:



    P.S. I also replied to your comment.

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