5 ways to increase your blog income

I do see a lot of blogger using blog to earn money and from the case study, I have the following conclusions:

1) As usual, the most common ways was to put Adsense into your blog. Bare in mind that by doing this way, don’t expect to see the result at overnight. Like me, I managed to earn average at USD2 on weekly basis. Just go to www.google.com/adsense and sign up the account. Once done, you got to wait for 1 week to get your account approved. You will then receive an email to with Publisher ID that Google gave you. Login into Adsense again, generate the code and paste the code into your blog. So simple and you are ready to earn money from Google Adsense.

2) If you have more than 500 readers to you blog, can consider to rent some of blog area for some company to advertise on your blog. One 125X125 space, usually they charge about USD200 per month. Imagine, usually you will have at least 6 to 8 125×125 spaces from your blog, just from advertise, you already can earn USD1600. Good money, right? This about it, this can be done using a software called “Open Ads” plugin.

3) Promoting affiliate products will be the next in place. Promote the product that similar to your blog’s topic and very high chances that your reader will buy from there too. You can always go to www.clickbank.com to find the product, what clickbank do is they will give you a unique affiliate link that represent you. If you visited using the link to buy the product and you will be given 50% of the amount that reader paid to buy the product.

4) Open an account with www.reviewme.com and start writing review or opinion about the product. They will based your review to paid you money as well. Usually is about USD20 to USD50 or even more depending on your review and product too. Bare in mind that, please register this when your blog already archive 500 reader or more. Reviewme will not allow you to review if you site traffic is less than what they have fixed.

5) The last will be blog shopping. Singapore is now very famous with Blog shopping where you post some products onto your blog and reader will buy the product from your blog using Paypal. All you need to do is sign up a Paypal account and install some shopping cart plugin into your blog, that’s all you need and start to post in the product onto your Blog. Your business will start to run. Go to Google and try to look for Blog shopping, you will then get some idea from there.

So far, I did try some of the ways and it is working for me, why not you try too? Back to basic of blogging, no matter doing what don’t give up and success will visit you in one day. Thanks

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