8 Common Ways To Pull Traffic To Your Blog / Website

8 Common Ways To Pull Traffic To Your Blog / Website
8 Common Ways To Pull Traffic To Your Blog / Website

What is the problem with all the newbie when they setup a site / blog? To me is Traffic, Traffic and Traffic. If you are in the same situation like I have before, please read on.

The is most common ways where a lot of Internet marketer are doing to pull traffice and I feel is working for me. No harm to give a try. The methods are as below:

1) Participating Forum – this is the most common one where a lot of them put Signature and link back to your blog or website

2) Backlink is something that we you post your comments on other people’s blog or forum, there will be a place for you to key in your URL, there is so call Backlink. There are some many ways where you can have backlink. As for today, I’m going to cover something basic.

3) Writing Article – This is the one where all of us will not choice as bad command in English. Don’t worry so much, just write and post it. At the end of the Article, remember to list down your URL which is related to your article.

4) Pay Per Click Ads – Adwords. This is the most effective ways as you can see result immediately. This is something that I’m not encourage newbie to involve. Anyway, this is one of the way too.

5) Visiting blog – Remember to visit other people blog and leave your comments there. Remember to list down your URL there which will help you to increase your traffic too.

6) Utilizes Social Network to promote your blog too. There are a lot of tools you can install into your blog so that each time, when you post a new blog and you send this blog to the rest of the Social Network. This got to be a manual and time consuming process.

7) Link Exchange – Find someone that own a blog or website which is similar to you and as them for Link Exchange. These mean that, you put your link into his place and your link into his place.

8) Bookmarking, meaning each time when you have new blog or post, you can submit it to the bookmarking site too.

Hope this will help. Leave me your comments if you want to know better of Pulling Traffic. Thanks

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