Adsense vs Infolinks

Recently I get to know the rate that paid by Infolink was higher than Adsense. One day, I’ve earned up to USD2.00 which I can hardly get it from Adsense so far.

If you are planning to earn using ads in your website, then you might want to consider Infolinks too. Sign up process is very simple and easy, fill up form and you will be given a code to put into your website. That all you need to do.

My suggestion is to mix Adsense and Infolinks into your site to get the maximum profit from it.

Another ads that you might want to consider will be Chitika which only applicable to US traffic. If you target visitor is from US, then Chitika will be working perfectly for you.

So far, I have not put any Chitika on to my site where I think is not the time yet.

Happy Earning.

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