Am I in the right track?

Do you ever think of this: “Are we on the right Track for our Internet marketing?”, especially those still working hard to see some result?
Sincerely to me, Yes I did ask myself before way back when I’m not seeing any result after I spend a lot of money to those guru and I don’t even see a single dime into my accounts.

I keep searching for the correct solution, again money keep going out until I told myself you need to keep going and don’t concentrate on the income yet. I was kept myself moving again and again. One day, I tried to link back the process pieces by pieces from each of the guru that I have learn, from keyword research till launching my website and finally I found out that I have missed out traffic, which causing my site failed for so many times.

Without any further delay, I enrolled myself with keywords tracking tools and concentrate on all the site with correct keyword, rephrase all my pages with correct keywords, uploaded webpages into my site, spend some money on ads and finally I saw my site coming in with cash flow.

The main purpose of this article is Do not give up easily and site back think back what you have missed, rephase your process and find the missing part, learn that missing part, revisit your site with the missing part and I believed your will be seeing your results too. Please expect to spend some money on your learning curve which I think is part of our learning process before you even can see any money coming in.

Good luck then, happy learning.

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