Amazon Affiliate Managed to get a lot of tools – Helping in promoting

Recently I start to aware that Amazon affiliate, we have a lot of free tools to help us to promote our website. Good news, right? Yes, off course. If you are doing WordPress Blog and using your blog to promote Amazon’s product, then you can use the following plugin to increase your amazon sales:
1) AmazonAutoPoster – it will allow us to pull the products by using certain keywords and schedule it accordingly to the interval that you set

2) ReviewAZON – very similar to Amazonautopost but with this plugin, you can also include Youtube video, make your review page more professional look

If you are promoting Amazon using normal Website, then I would highly recommended AutoeStore which you will have a very professional look. A lot of affiliate already been using this and below are the comments that they have posted:

1) Easy to user
2) High Quality
3) Can Change it at any time with few clicks
4) No worry about technical skill (but when setup, you might need some extend of technical skill)
5) Fast

Highly recommended to those who are seriously looking into affiliate program.

Feel free to leave comments for me if you need any help on how to setup those software. Thanks

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