Another way of earning money from Internet – providing Audio Contents

Do you all aware that by providing Audio contents can also earning a full time income? The answer is Yes and is possible. As long as you can write and produce your article into MP3 file, then basically you are good to go. Amazing, right? Simple and straight to the point.

It doesn’t like affiliate program which we need to promote here and there, using email, backlinks, social network and etc which required a lot of time to gain all the traffic to our website. This is so far the easy way out. Write the contents and produce them into MP3 and sell it on the net.

Below are the steps:
1) Perform the niche analyst and find out what is the niche.

2) Get the related contents from articles site and download them into notepad.

3) Re-write them into your way.

4) Produce them into the MP3 file. You can either using those software that can convert it into MP3, plenty of them in the market now, one of them was Dragon Natural Speaking Software which I knew was good but expensive. If this way can drive massive income for us, I think is worth it to try it out.

5) Post it into the selling contents site and you are done.

6) Repeat 5 to 6 articles in a days and your can easily earning 2K per month.

If you are not good in write, get some ghost writer write for you which will cost you about USD3 to USD9 per article. Get the article and produce the MP3 by yourself, repeat the step 5 and 6.

So far, this is the most simple way of Internet Marketing model that I have not aware off. Worth a try. 🙂 Good Luck.

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