Blog Shopping is the up coming trend for Internet Marketing

Do you guys aware of Blog Shopping? Recently I notice that a lot of people has setup a shopping blog. In facts, what is Blog Shopping? Basically, is just blog that allow people to buy things via blog. It can be own products or any other affiliate products and visitor will buy the product if they like the products.

As long as you have the domain and hosting, you should be able to that do, below are the steps:
1) Activate the WordPress

2) Follow the setup process, enter your domain name, site descriptions and etc

3) Sign up paypal so that you are able to perform transaction via online

4) Find some some local gift company, do some arrangement with them to take the picture of the product so that you will be able to do some posting.

5) Writing product posting and post it with the paypal button with the amount of money that you have decided, please remember to include the shipping fees too. Off course, before this you need to check with Carrier service provider about the price and the weight.

6) Start to promote your blog via forum, ppc, search engine and some directories as well.

7) Continue to do this day by day until you see the result and fine tune whether those are the products that people is looking for, if not try to find till you get the right product.

8) Once got sale, direct buy from local provider where you take the product picture from and send to customer.

9) Report step 5 and 6 on a daily basis so that your blog can attract visitor with new product.

This is ideally for the products that are hot a lot of people is looking for as well as affiliate product and paypal button will be replaced by your affiliate link.

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