Do you believe the more you give, the more you get?

Do you believe the more you give, the more you get?

Today, I saw Alvin Phang’s blog site and he said “In order to be success in Blogging, you need to blog your contents with very honest opinion as well as you need to give more before you get what you want”, do you believe that?

To a lot of newbies, they are not too sure what to give as well as don’t know how to write their own free report or newsletter. The most common issues that newbies have was, they don’t have any list with them to send the freebies to. So my suggestions are:

1) Put on opt-in forms somewhere in your blog, usually blogger like to put it on top of your blog so that visitor can easily spot the form and fill in. That’s where you capture the list so that in future you can send the freebies to them

2) Find some product that unique inside the net or you can paid someone to write some niche report with 10 to 15 pages that Internet marketer is looking for. Where you can get those idea? Is your next question. 🙂 I will suggest that going to book shop and see what is the hot selling book that related to internet marketing, then based on that get someone to write the review on that book and give away to your subscriber. Another way was go to ebay and check which is the hottest product and hire some ghostwrite to write a report based on the hot market. A 15 to 20 pages report will only cost you less than USD20 if you decided to get someone to write for you.

3) Keep talking in Social network like facebook and myspace on your blog, promote to your cycle of influence for your free report. From there you can get the traffic and opt-in into your form. Keep them for future promotion. Remember, first time is always the hardness one, once you have past the learning cycle, you will get use to it. 🙂

4) Once you have the traffic and start to see some result, hire someone to re-design the theme so that it looks different with others. This is help you to be outstanding if compare with the rest that have standard themes. This can be done in the later stage, when you see that result.

5) Always subscribe to the blog leader and see what they have from time to time, from there you will have an idea what is the current trend. Remember “Follow the leader” will help you to save a lot of time for research. 🙂

Once your have the above mentioned activities, just continue to write articles from time to time basis. Make a habit, at least 2 to 3 articles on weekly basis, then Im sure will be next level soon.

Hope this helps Internet marketing newbies, all the best to you and wish you a success in blogging. See you all at the top soon 🙂

My opinion:
I do believe in “The more you give, the more you will get”, by doing that you will bring up your branding to in Internet Marketing. They are some many leader that doing that and prevent that this is the green path to newbie to follow, so always remember this…”Help as much as you can in order for you to move to next level”.

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