Does Backlinks Really Helps?

Yesterday, when I read through a lot of Forums and I found out one common thing was a lot of newbie stuck at don’t know what to do after getting website ready? Here’s some basic ideas for your reading:

1) Need to write at least 20 to 30 articles to promote your site, ideally this need to be done by someone at and Hire someone to write this for you.

2) Once that done, please submit all of them to to generate backlinks to your site if someone is using your articles for any reason.

3) Wait for 1 week, then check the traffic. If is good, then you can leave it there. Else, please login to this social media site to post the same article which ezinearticles has approved. This will helping you to generate some backlinks too.

4) Other than that, you need to perform some social bookmarking too on your articles as well as your website to increase your visibility to the world.

If you have completed the above 4 steps, I believed your can see some result. Thanks

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