Does Craigslist worth to give a try?

I have seen a lot of people heading to try Craigslist and some do see result and some don’t as well. Well, let me explain what is Craigslist? Craigslist is a place that you can post your ads (affiliate product) for US region only, is a free service where is allow you to post unlimited classification ads. Behind that, they have a lot of rules and regulations, that’s where a lot of us don’t really see result. Some got ads removed and some got banned.

I do see some get very good result too. To me, since is opening for all and it’s free then why not give a try? Before you try it, please do remember the following points:

1) Do not post the same ads over and over again, you will get banned easily. If you want to post back the same thing, please change your ads a little bit.

2) Do not post more than 2 ads from the same IP address, find a software that can handle this before you start to post.

3) Do not use back the same email address to post this type of ads, always change email from time to time.

4) Always start with a few ads and check the response before you start to post in bulk. There are software that helping you to perform this, check out there.

This is something for you to kick start with ads. For those that feel this is something that you like to do, by all mean, please go ahead. Thanks

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