Does Email Marketing really works?

Recently I wrote one post on Email Marketing at one of the forum and I have a lot of responses, which are as below:

1) 65% of them were saying it works as long as you have a good and quality list where they have captured during the time where they landing to your page.

2) 30% of them were saying it will not work, most of the time reader will directly move it to delete box.

3) 5% were saying they hate spams and all these email will moved to the delete box too.

From the above, the conclusions are:

1) The key success to Internet Business still is the list that you have build have through out your internet business where it allow you to perform email marketing through the list. A lot of Internet marketing leaders are doing this too, from time to time you will see a lot of email from them too to promote each other product. From here, we can said that email marketing still works to the certain extend.

2) Do not Spams! Do your marketing in once a week or every 4 to 5 days, you know people hate spaming, please respect those who have been sign up your list. Perform your marketing in more professional ways.

3) Create more quality email or contents so that your reader will benefit from what they have read.

4) Bear in mind, the success rate will be high if your reputation is good like Yanik Silver and etc. Remember to build up your reputation too through this process so that your reader will remember who you are and trust in what you have promoted to them.

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