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Does Google Caffeine really change all the Search Engine Logics?

Recently I’ve noticed that my contents side indexed pages are getting lesser and lesser, just wonder what has happened in I guess nothing that I can do at my end for now as we are all aware that Google Caffeine is mid of implementing, so I guess this will be one of the factor that causing this happened.

For now, please continue with what we have done and build as mcuh contents as possible, wait another 2 months to monitor the result before we start to fine tune what is the in and out.

As for right now, I will continue to look for the similar issues from other webmaster and keep you updated what is the status on the Google New caffeine search engine. For sure, more and more issues will be facing by all the webmaster, please do coming back and visit this site from time to time and I will keep positing with the issues with Google Caffeine so that all of us can grow together.


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