Elements of a GOOD Landing Page

Good Landing should contained what elements?
Good Landing should contained what elements?

Does anyone aware of what is the contents of good landing page for these days? No longer the old days with some picture and then get your visitor to visit your affiliate sales page. If you are still doing this, then you better stop doing this. Look at the new landing page format which can help you to promote in more efficient way.

A good landing page should have the following:
1) Problem statement – Some short description of problem that you have with regards to the product that you want to promote.
2) Sharing your experiences – Tell your visitor what is the learning experience and how this product is able to help you in high level.
3) Video / Audio – Create a short presentation about this product highly explain what is the key points of this new product. This can be either MP3 or video form.
4) Key points – Explain your own view, good and bad about this product (side note: always advise affiliate to purchase this product, learn it before you even start to promote it, the power of promotion is more powerful that affiliate that doesn’t use this product before).
5) Opt in form – Good to include some free goodies that related to the product that you are promoting so that you can capture your visitor name and email for back end promotion or future promotion.
6) Call for action (with your affiliate link) – remember to include call for action like “Buy now” or “Act Now” to get attention of your visitor so that they can proceed to buy from you.
7) P/S point – to create some urgency so that your visitor can buy from you immediately, if not that will be their loss.

With all these elements inside your landing page, I believe that you can close most of the sale provided you must have a solid traffic. Thanks

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