Elements that needed in a short sales letter (Review Page)

Ever thinking of what you need in a Short Sales Letter? By the way, short sales letter is something that for affiliate to prepare and promote the product. Let’s see what you want in a short sales letter:

1) Head Line – Head line of the product that you are promoting.

2) Opening – Introduction about the product.

3) Intro yourself – Let people know who are you and what are you doing here. Better to put some facts so that your visitor will trust you or following you.

4) statement of the problem (with regards to the product that you are selling)

5) Proof of purchase – showing people that you are sincere here and you were buying the product, test it and give review.

6) Review of the product – remember to list down pro and con of the product where your review need to be unbiased

7) Testimonials – which you can get it from official sales letter.

8) Call for action now – tell your visitor on what to do next, eg Buy it now or Get it now.

9) Bonus – Prepare some for your buyer to get more buyer.

Hope this help. Happy Learning

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