Finally, I’m getting quality inbound link using Articles

In order to get high page rank for your website, you are required to have a lot of inbound links from other site too. One of the way to get high quality inbound links is to list your link others high page rank sites. But how to do that? Answer is simple, just write a lot of articles and submit to those articles sites, like and etc.

A lot of webmaster are looking for free contents in order to put into their website, one of the source is to get it from articles like those listed above.

Once they pick your articles and published your articles onto their sites, you name as well as your site links will be appeared on their site too. More and more webmaster using the same articles, the more and more inbound links are build up at the same time. By doing that, you are building up your your page rank too.

More and more high page rank websites using your articles into their websites, then you will automatically build up your page rank and appeared to be very high visible to the search engine.

Ideally, you need to write one article per week until you are having a very consistent traffic then you can stop and proceed to promote your next site.

Hope this is something useful to you all. Thanks

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