Finally, I’ve increased my Traffic

Today, I want to share something which I feel is good to share this out. By submmiting articles to major articles sites and I managed to gain back my traffic by at least 20% in a daily basis. Imagine, from 0 to 50 visitors per day, I think is worth to spend sometime on articles.

Just spend 1 or 2 hours on weekend, writing articles and submit it to major side, I can gurantee that you will be able to gain back the traffic. The more you wrote the more free traffic will come to your site.

At first, I don’t really believe this tactics until I have went through my own, you will see the result in a week time. Worth for you to spend one time test to test out the water, if is work then just stick to it as your major traffic source. If not, then is not end of the world, continue to look for other method that works for you.

I’ve went through this since last year till now, finally I’ve found my. All these activities will take time before you even find your way, don’t give up and take your time to try out one way at a time and I believe you will get yours too. As long as the believe is there, you will see the result in one day too.

All the best to you. Good luck in trying out all the ways and methods.

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