Finally, my frist articles get published!

Don’t know how many times that I’ve tried this but failed all the time, until yesterday my first aticle get published to Im so happy and I would like to see what is the impact to my business with so called “Articles marketing”. Hope can give me some good news, like a lot of unique visitor, increasing of my Adsense and Infolinks, last but not least will be hopefully increasing my page ranking too.

I want to take this opportunity for those who had helped me on this correcting of my article, especially Michael from A2Z bike. I really appreciated all your help. Thanks again.

A lot of Gurus were mentioned that Article marketing had very big impact to Internet marketing and so far this is the first time where it allow me to evaluate the impact, let’s see whether what impacts that that have mentioned will become real or not. 🙂

I will come back to talk about this same topic after 2 weeks of monitoring of my site. Let’s hope for the best.

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