Good source for free web traffic

If you plan to get free traffic, I would suggest that you can using traffic from bookmarking. Mostly my free trabookiffic are coming from bookmarking site, I feel is was very effective and save cost too. So far I have tried 2 ways, one of them was article marketing and the other way will be social book marking site.

Eventually both are the same, where both of them also need new articles in order to pull traffic, so what you need to do is to write articles and submit both of the to articles site as well as bookmarking site.

I have tried articles and submitted to the articles site and the outcome was so good. The next one that I will be trying will be bookmarking. What you need to do are as below:

1) Write a new article that can represent your site where you can use the same article where you have submitted to the article site

2) Submit them again to the following site other than article site:

  • a) twitter
  • On a weekly basis, write an article and submit to them. I will ensure that you can see traffic start to flow in very fast.


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