Good timing to promote any Twitter and Facebook Products

What are the hotest things that happening on the net now? Social Network is the hottest thing now, so my opinion is to concentrate to promote any clickbank digital products that related to Twitter or Facebook. You will aware that how profitable these product are. From one testing that I have did recently 2 weeks ago, Im promoting Twitter Traffic Machine and I did a sale immediate after 3 hours I put up everything. Can you see how hungry the market now for these social marketing products and people are hungry to look for these product.

If you want something fast money, I would highly recommended by promoting these type of product. All you need to do are as below:
1) Find the product inside Clickbank using the keyword Twitter or Facebook.

2) Once your the product, check the high gravity to ensure that they are hot products too in order to earn fast money.

3) Get the link and start to promote it, either via blog or landing page. If you have a list of the email, send them email and promote to them. For sure, at least 1% of them will buy from you.

4) All you need to do is prepare a landing page, put some review, form to capture the leads so that you can promote some other product to them in future.

5) Drive Traffic using PPC, eg Adwords. Invest USD5 to USD10 for 2 days, after 2 days, wait and see whether you have the sales, if not tune your ads until you see the result. Remember, for testing always using one or two days to test out the result. Once you have the sales, then leave your ads there until you don’t want to promote the product.

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