How to index your page fast

I think the main intention of a Webmaster is to index our pages as much as possible. From research until testing, so far the one easy way out will be to include your site with RSS functionality so that you can ping the RSS receiver each time you have your new page up. I’m using Google Reader to produce my RSS and using Feedburner to burn my RSS feed before it distribute to the RSS receiver.

By doing that, I can ensure that your page will be indexed in the next 3 hours, can’t believe it? Yes, is true. I have tested and confirmed is working but the only drawback was the page cannot stays long in the search engine. It will last at least 1 week only but too me this is still something worth to do as the process was not even 5min of your time.

Each time when you uploaded the new page, spend another 5min doing this and you will surprise with what you have as well.

I will keep update on this as and when I find something different. Stay tune. Thanks

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