How to Promote a CPA Program using YouTube

If you are going for CPA program, you can leverage on Youtube to bring some sales for you. As you know, CPA also called Click Per Action where our lead need to fill up some form and that’s where our commission come from. If order to encourage our visitor to fill up the form, you can try to use the following method:

1) Capture the session where we fill up the form using Camtasia.

2) Save it as avi file and submit to Youtube

3) Leverage on the Youtube function where it allow us to some text into our video file

4) Put in the following text like:
“Please help me to fill up the from and I will send some free report to you:
a) Go to this site called where the link is your affiliate link
b) fill in the form and I’ll send my free stuff to you”

5) Save it and open your video to public

Note: Your free goodies can be any report which is related to your site that you promote it or any free e-coupon which you think we as a consumer will use.

I saw a lot of affiliate has done this and the feedback was so far so good. No harm to give a try.

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