How to setup autoresponse for Twitter

As you all know, autoresponse is very important for your internet marketing business. Using the same principle, we need to have autoresponse into our Twitter account so that each time when people follow you and you can use this chance to promote clickbank product or any affiliate product.

What you need are as below:
1) Firstly, before you start anything inside Twitter, do need to have at least 50 followers. The reason is Twitter will cancel your accounts if your have too many updates or Tweets. Go any simple grab 50 to 100 people to follow you so that those people can follow you back.

2) Once you have 50 peoples that follow you, then you can go to to create account and prepare your autoresponse message.

3) Completed account setup, then go back to Clickbank to find a product to sell. My advice is getting some product that related to Twitter so that you will be more targeted to those people that you are going to promote.

4) Once have that product, get the link and go to to shorten the URL as you know Twitter is only allow us to type 140 characters per message.

5) Get the shorten URL and go back to to prepare your autoresponse message.

Completed your 5 steps, then you are ready to promote the follow by following people. With regards to where to find the people, I will release it in my next article. Stay Tune.

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