I’m start my first post in Ebay today

Just wonder how’s the response from selling physical product? Is that something that worth to try? Does anything has any idea? Today, I’ve started listing the physical product in Ebay, all up and not I just need to wait and see. Hope it give me some new impression about selling physical product in ebay.

Throughout the process, I have come out a few idea:

1) Good to have your own supplier. If you have your own supplier, then your cost will be cut down to minimum.

2) Always sell something small. Save your postal cost.

3) Best if you can come out own idea or product, engaged a local supplier and get them supply to you.

4) On top of listing in ebay, get your own online shopping mall too, that will be a good direction.

5) Try to find more than one supplier just in case anything is happening.

6) If you don’t what to sell, go to shopping mall and notice what are the things that you can send. Get the ideal, then source for supplier.

Hope this is something useful to you all. Enjoy.

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