Important Data on Google Analytics

I believe that there are a lot of webmaster outside also wondering which are the info that important to us when coming to Analytics, below are some of my thoughts:

1) News vs Returning – This can tell us how sticky your website is, if your have a lot of new visitor then continue with what you are doing now, else you need to find why your site so sticky until you have a lot of returning visitor. This is only applicable to normal contents site only, whereas for blog, you need to have a lot of returning visitor rather than new visitor.

2) Time on site – Please ensure that you need to have less time on site rather than your visitor just stay on your site. If is too long, then please spend your time to check which page that is so sticky and tune it accordingly.

3) Top Content – If you find your site is too sticky, then you need to drill down which are the pages that causing you so sticky by referring to top content. Check each of them, then fine tune it to make it not too sticky. Sticky can referring to your site are full with good contents and your visitor will like to read your contents from there. If in that case, please submit your contents to major articles sites rather than your site. By doing this, you can get a lot of free traffic.

Basically, those are the info that Im usually looking at and hopefully this is helpful to you all. Thanks

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