Including the Audio to attract you visitor

As you know, traffic is the main factor to obtain a successful internet business. In facts, to my personal opinion, I don’t feel that is enough, I would like to add in one more which is attracting your visitor one they landing to your site.

How to do that? Simple, you can add some audio file into your site, like MP3. All you need is just a mic and a recording software like Flash Audio Wizard. Simple software that easy to use and helping you to generate the code. Lastly, you can just copy and paste the code into your site.

What type of MP3 shall we put? Simple, you can include your own introduction, talk about your site, get someone which is the same field and interview with him and so many many more that you can do in fact.

The purpose is to attract your visitor so that they can stay longer or coming back from time to time to become your loyal visitor, so that you can obtain your visitor.

Happy Learning.

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